Sunday, June 17, 2007

Work gets in the way!

How I wish I could spend ALL of my time crocheting, and searching Victorian archives and sites...but, I must work. Sadly, this means I have less time for the things I love...I always make an effort though to get 'some' done every day.

My bearghan is coming along...I have only a couple more pieces to get done, and it will be ready for "show and tell."

It is day 7 of the bread starter, remember to stir with a wooden spoon!

I found a wonderful site! It is the Antique patterns library! There are many, many antique books, magazines and such that have been copied, clarified, and downloadable! Have a look!

Antique Pattern Library

I also visited the Yarn Lover's room...and they have some antique patterns as well. You may have to join this site...but it's free and there is a LOT of good information there, including crochet instructions.

Yarn Lover's Room

I am absolutely SURE you are going to love these sites if you enjoy antique patterns.

Until Next time...

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