Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summer and Crochet

There are many people who taper off their crochet projects in the summer in favor of being outdoors. I can certainly understand their reasoning. For me, however, Hot weather is NOT something I enjoy. I am out and about much more in Fall, Spring, and yes, even Winter. Summer and Crochet are a perfect match for me...

As promised, here are some "Victorian Sites/blogs" that I think you will enjoy. They cover many aspects of the Victorian Era. I hope you enjoy them.

Victorian Recipes:
History and Traditions of "Taking Tea,"

Decorating tips for that "Victorian Look"

There will be more to add in future blogs.

If you haven't guessed, I am a fan of the Victorian Era. I live in an old Victorian house. When I first moved here, I opened the closet door in one of the bedrooms and was Thrilled that what looks like the original paper was still on the walls! I will photograph it and put it into one of my blogs. my blog you will find links, themes, stories, and my own personal views on the following topics:

Victorian Era (both in England and the influence it had on American lifestyle)

Tea...(My Grandmother was British. Although she lived in another state, and I only met her a few times, This lady really made an impression on me. Our family was Never without 2 tea services. One silver for entertaining, and one ceramic.

Crochet; Taught to me by my other grandmother, whose home was filled with doilys and other things she had crocheted.

Recipes Both old and New

I want to create an "Atmosphere" complete with pictures that will give you a visual when I talk of the Crochet Lane Manor.....

Remember, today is day 4 of the starter. Stir the starter with a WOODEN spoon.


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